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Everything you need to know to launch or run a successful brand in the digital space for creatives and entrepreneurs


A lot more of what I love

This is an ambitious project — I will give you access to everything I know and what I continue to learn along the way—my process to create art, transform it into a brand, make a living, travel, and be free.

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What will you learn:


My personal wellness strategy to keep creativity flowing

This is best course I've ever had a chance to audit. The way you explained everything is very easy to understand and all makes sense. I strongly believe, your students are gonna love this masterclass.

Roy Marcon, The Artist Journey

Your work is masterful. I can't wait to hatch an art entrepreneurship educational partnership with you and a dozen colleges. This is worth thousands of dollars.

Luke Spivey, Culture Hustlers

Actionable Training

Easy-to-follow modules that will help you launch, manage and grow your business

Real Life Examples

Watch case studies and real-life examples in every module

Templates & Workbooks

Don't know where to start? No problem, follow along with templates and step-by-step workbooks

Diego Orlandini,
Social Entrepreneur & Artist Living His Dream Life

Learning, teaching, and helping* others

Diego Orlandini is a multidisciplinary artist, the founder of the media group AimfulMedia, and the author of the Flaws trilogy, plus the best-selling adult coloring books based on street art and world culture.

As a creative director and marketing specialist he has helped multi-million dollar companies come out of the dark ages and into the digital space. He has taught marketing at one of the largest educational institutions in the United States.

As a socially responsible entrepreneur seeking to generate a positive impact on underprivileged communities he has spent hundreds of hours teaching and creating educational programs in Peru, Cambodia, India and Argentina.

As a seeker with a nihilist optimistic approach to life, he has studied several forms of yoga, lived in ashrams and villages and he is a permanent student of life and the Advaita Vedanta philosophy.

As an adventurer, he loves motorcycles, horses and living as a true nomadic spirit connecting with people all over the planet. 

Diego has a summa cum laude degree in Economics from Rollins College and several certifications in digital marketing, creative writing, and business administration. Still, he is profoundly inclined to self-education, except for the year he spent studying theater in Argentina. He is currently pursuing further education in filmmaking and the arts.

*Helping is a powerful way of connecting. What’s more important in life than that? I made you look, didn’t I?

What's the Buzz

Diego is a great professor and a standing entrepreneur. He knows how to connect with his students. This make the learning process much easier. He is always on top of the new social media and digital marketing trends. Thank you Diego for all your help during my learning process!
Estefania Vasconcelos
Real Estate Agent & Solopreneur
We launched our app with Diego's help. He showed us how to run little experiments to test if there was a market for our app. He is very through, yet succinct and to the point. I'm glad he is putting all his years of experience in an online program that I can watch over again. Thank you Diego!
Zach Yankiver
Project Manager & Painter
Diego taught us how to run our entire digital marketing department, from social media to paid advertising for our ecommerce store. We could not be happier. He is very knowledgeable and the way he breaks down the information makes it super easy to follow and for us to teach our own employees too.
Ivan Muziotti
Football Player & Entrepreneur
Diego is a really passionate and professional instructor. He was my mentor in a digital marketing program and I’m so grateful because he made my experience smooth and fun while at the same time full of invaluable lessons
Sara Escalante
Small Business Owner & Wellness Advocate
Diego was a supportive and knowledgeable coach during the digital marketing class. His experience working online with a variety of tools and platforms was evident. His eagerness to share his learnings is what makes him stand out as a collaborative and community-minded entrepreneur.
Maya Ibars, ESQ
Lawyer & Social Entrepreneur
I self-published my first novel and didn't get any sales for months until Diego showed me the strategy to get noticed. Now I quit my job and became a full-time published author and it's awesome. I was drowning trying everything I could from YouTube videos but it wasn't until his class gave me direction that I was able to make real progress. 1000% worth it.
Bernard Dos Santos
Published Author & Influencer
Diego helped me launch my online shop that generated over $50,000 in sales in the first three months. He helped me figure out my MVP, focus on my niche, come up with a clear branding and utilize the technology to make it all happen without stressing out. Now I have a small team and we follow his strategy and it works.
Jonathan Pimentel
Videographer & Small Business Owner
I thought I wanted to be an artist but as it turns out, all I wanted to have was job security and time to enjoy life. With the things I learned with Diego I was able to get a better paying job applying what he thought me. I might try to become an artist later but for now, this is making me happy and it's thanks to what I learned from his classes. Thank you Mr. D!
Margot Welch
Musician & Social Media Mananger
I've accomplished a lot with this course! You've given me a year worth of strategies and my business has tripled since I started applying them. Really proud to be a part of this program. Thank you for putting trust back in myself. Knowledge is indeed power.
Danny Esses
Content Creator & Filmmaker
Diego helped my business do our go-to-market testing by putting together amazing ads campaigns. He showed us in detail how every step of the process worked and was able to make us understand something that was extremely foreign to the team.
Samara Eden
Local Service Provider & `New to Online Entrepreneurship

Organizing your business practices will give you the freedom to focus on your craft

My Approach

Ain’t nobody got time for that. Right? 


What we don’t have is time to waste going around in circles or getting lost in mumbo jumbo. This program will hold you by the hand, and step by step, take you from a zero to a hero.

Theory is quick and fun. Implementation is through and effective. You will be able to follow along the real-life examples and replicate the steps to build a successful online brand or fix yours in no time.

And yes, I won’t apologize for the cliches—though this program is nothing like that.

You will love it or your money back.† 

The marketing landscape changes rapidly and we must adapt. To stay current, I use AI-generated videos for the instructions that are updated regularly by my team of professionals. The classes are combined with written lessons, personal videos, tons of examples, and organized in a way that you can take the short and quick route, or the long, teach-me more approach. Choose your educational journey, if you will.

And workbooks that you can copy and fill with your own ideas.

What's Better Proof that Watching It Happen in Real Time

Most online classes and couches throw a bunch of theories at you and show you after-the-fact limited glimpses in their examples. Maybe they got lucky once, or they only specialize in one thing.

I’m taking a far more authentic approach: I’m showing you everything from scratch with real-life transparent examples, including when things don’t go so well, and optimizing and trouble-shooting in real-time so that you can see how it’s done and do it yourself.

What’s better proof that watching the program work in real time?

Don’t waste time. Don’t drown. Don’t get lost. Unlock your creative potential & turn your passion into a career, brand or business.

Choose Your Own Adventure

This program is as lightweight or as comprehensive as you want it to be. 

Choose the shortcuts that take you directly to implementation, or spend more time digging deeper into the subjects to the point where you can develop a career from any of the topics taught here or simply implement them into your brand.

Ultimately, when you are ready to delegate, grow your business and focus on your craft, you’ll be able to do that too.


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This is a highly comprehensive program that has taken years and tens of thousands of dollars to develop.

It’s updated & improved yearly and for a limited-time only your enrollment today gives you lifetime access.†

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Here’s the principle by which I do things. 

This program is the blueprint by which I MAKE IT ALL happen



The Creative Entrepreneurship Program is designed to put you up to speed, organize you, help you cover your basis and send you on your way to build the brand and the life of your dreams.

& Wallet

And How to Create Social Impact

Current Program

lifetime access available for a limited time

The future present of business [and art] is digital, sustainable, and more inclusive*

We must embrace new technologies, collaborate, and work to create a more equitable society.

Digital technologies accelerated during the pandemic, transforming how artists and businesses operate. With the expansion of A.I., only the solopreneurs, artists, and brands willing to adapt fast will survive in the digital space. But that doesn’t mean giving up who you are, your authentic voice, or that proven and effective methods are obsolete. Humans are still curious creatures.

Collaboration is more important than ever. Social impact is needed—not only as a gateway to stand out among the crowds of redundancy and Tik Tok dances but as a path for fulfillment too.

We are going to leverage A.I. to speed up our work.

The market is more competitive than ever, and it’s harder to stand out—but what it should not be, is harder to stay authentic and find an equilibrium between both. I’m going to help you with that.

Don’t waste time and effort going in circles. Streamline your efforts in an organized, easygoing way and shine with your craft.

Don't Reinvent The Wheel
Keep It Moving

Who Is This Program For?

Artists, Writer, Solopreneurs, Digital Nomads, and Online Brands

This is a highly comprehensive program that has taken years and tens of thousands of dollars to develop.

It’s updated & improved yearly and your enrollment today gives you lifetime access.†

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Additional Perks*

lifetime access

Upcoming Masterclasses

This is not just an entrepreneurship program.
This is a collection of everything I love including art, philosophy & travel
Stay tuned!

lifetime access for the first 200 enrollments

Transparency Clause

If you know me you know I am not into it for the cash grab. I am into it for the art, the expression, the knowledge, the connection, and the opportunity to teach and share my gifts.

I’m also transparent, real and approachable as hell. So if you have questions, doubts, concerns, reach out! Let me find ways for my team and myself to help you.

Of course, money gives you freedom, and I want you to make tons of it. Freedom for me means to continue doing things I love with the people I love. You taking this class means you are also helping me create the life I dreamed of and helping others do the same (or better!), and yourself.

I will teach you all those things and if making a ton of money or becoming an emperor of your empire is your thing, rest assured, with this program, you’ll be able to do just that quite fine.

While you will get the full program offered here, I am improving everything as we go along because that’s how I do things. I make them better constantly. I love doing that. It works to your advantage. I’m also moving further into video and film production, so you will see more of that too in the future.

Lifetime access is guaranteed for the creative entrepreneurship program. Additional masterclasses and perks are subject to change as the program evolves.

I’m starting from scratch and you are going to be a witness to a lot of new things for me too. While I have the knowledge and experience, and my team and I have already done hundreds of hours of work ahead of time to ensure this is a successful experience for you, several things are going to be new for me, too. 

Of course, this one-time opportunity of such a low price for what you get will not be offered again as the program improves and becomes more robust.

So with this in mind, I invite you to unlock your creative potential and turn your passion into a career or a brand with me.

Organized Chaos


I realized the only way I would find peace and clarity to continue to create was through organized chaos. That meant organizing everything else I had in my head—and businesses. I didn’t know I thought like an artist. I assumed I was only analytical and pragmatic. When I got to know other artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs like me, I realized many faced the same dilemma and struggle: organized chaos is at the heart of extraordinary creations, but everything moves so fast, takes time, and while you want to work on your craft and art, you may need to wear many hats to build a brand. 

And forget about the market. As I built my first creative brand, I realized that once the creative part was done, I needed to maintain it and grow it. I had to get licenses, pay taxes, calculate margins and learn to advertise in the ever-expanding complex platforms where people hang out online. 

Pretty obvious now when every other person you follow on social media is marketing at you. But it can also be overwhelming, don’t you think?

So, my solution for this is to organize, simplify and optimize my non-creative work, so that I can have the bandwidth, the time, and the resources to focus on my creativity. Also while making a great living. More on that later.

I’ve put everything I had learned through trial and error, studies, and experience into a series of steps you can take to create your own easy-to-manage business and so you can focus on expanding your creative potential.

I am giving all of that to you so you don’t have to spend years trying to figure it out like I did, to fast-track your success and so that you can live off what you love the most: your passion.

While I have a strong sense of purpose, I’ve dealt with crippling perfectionism typical of someone who is trying to do too much and knows very little, in fact. Time and experience has given me what I need and now I can pass it along confidently that you’ll succeed far faster than I did in my first ten years of trying to learn it all.

With time, patience, perseverance, and purposeful grit, I’ve managed to overcome these obstacles, and now I want to help you save time and effort. TRUST ME, YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORK AS HARD AS I’VE HAD. That’s where the true benefit lies.

You could spend years spinning your wheels, making lots of mistakes, and eventually succeeding if you persevere. That’s experience. 


Or you could, in addition to that, learn from others. That’s wisdom.

If you don’t know me yet, my name is Diego Orlandini.

I am an artist, a writer, an educator, and a social entrepreneur.

We will cover real-life examples with transparency and authenticity so that you can learn by watching our failures and victories and implement your strategy the right way without delay.

You will also learn by doing with the workbooks I’ve prepared for you, the same workbooks we use for our projects and clients.

My way of teaching is simple yet in-depth.

I mix storytelling, theory, practice, art, culture, and my love for travel and social entrepreneurship in everything I do, so expect some of that in my courses.

I also appreciate a no-nonsense approach.

But you will have to put in the work. This program will take you time. 

It’s self-paced and with your lifetime access you will have time to go through it, and you might not need all of it either. We keep it current, so as it improves and the market changes, the program will change and stay up to do. So technically, you can take as long as you want to go through it (within reason) but I do suggest you don’t wait too long. This program is designed so that you go quick quickly, in fact. If you are for it, you can be rolling your brand out in a week. It’s entirely up to you.

There will be some inspiration and accountability too. You will have access to the additional perks we are developing, including opportunities to collaborate among our network, marketing and other business-related services, investment, and others. 

You will also have access to artist-related masterclasses about topics that interests me and that will surely interest you too.

Education is more accessible and more available than ever before. You could learn most of the stuff I’ll teach you on your own or elsewhere. That’s true!

And while it’s important how the lessons you receive get to you, the way you are taught, the biggest challenges you will face are to take too long, get discourage and lost with no direction and have no support system and a clear path. You might find it lonely and challenging, hard to navigate, and that’s alright. But as a friend told me back in the day when I wouldn’t listen, “Hey, why are you reinventing the wheel?”

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Learn to use what’s already available first so that you can focus on creating the life you want, doing the work you love, and leaving your mark on the world. (Or not! Don’t pollute; come on now).

I have a high tolerance for the uncomfortable and sacrifice and an insatiable appetite for knowledge. This is what I’ve spent the last ten years of my life figuring out how to do, now you can have it all as fast as you want.

Lastly, the third main pillar of what you will learn in this program has to do with what I said I would mention later: fulfillment.

I believe it’s no longer enough to offer you the techniques, the how-tos, a few examples and ways to make money. I think people are much more interested in fulfillment. I know I am. 

I want my work to help others. I’ve been quietly working on that for years too: Learning, sharing, building a process, finding the right people, and creating the right products that resonate authentically with my mission. But also creating the blueprint for a live that brings me fulfillment. For me, that is connection. Connection and adventure, feeling purpose, and above all, creating. Whatever that might be. I love creating; traveling from an idea on a napkin to a full living thing.  

I will help you find what fulfillment means to you and help you align your brand, your business, and your actions toward that.

This program is the blueprint I use to pursue all my creative endeavors, implement what I learn, build freedom, leave a legacy, connect to the world, and live a life I will not regret.

All while making a social impact and making a living.

I’m sure you like me would love to only focus on your creative work, the things that bring you joy, right? But artists today have to be entrepreneurs too. Some people say entrepreneurship is 1/3 craft, 1/3 marketing, and 1/3 accounting. I’m going to teach you how to quickly do everything else you need to do so you can spend more time in your craft, doing what you love.

Become a better creative, a better artist, a better service provider, a better business powerhouse.

Get the life you want, where you can focus on what matters most to you: your craft and living a fulfilling life.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure. We’ll be here a while, so reach out soon and let’s get to know each other. 

Click enroll now and let’s build something great together.

*World Economic Forum. Davos 2023

*The additional perks are still under development and some of them will be available at a premium and for qualifying students 

Diego Orlandini2024. All rights reserved