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Flaws | A Novel

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Inexperienced journalist Joaquin Perierat travels to Ukraine to find a war-stopping story and justify leaving his fiancee for a woman he met online.

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Joaquin Perierat is an aspiring war photojournalist who breaks up with his college sweetheart to travel to the Donetsk province in Ukraine to live with a woman he met on a dating site. It’s 2013, and Ukraine, a country he knows nothing about, is going through an identity crisis. Violent demonstrations are taking place in the capital against the government and angered protests are erupting in the east against the country. Donetsk wants to break up. Joaquin can’t. He needs to find that war-altering story to advance his career and justify the breakup.

This first installment of the Flaws trilogy explores identity, honesty, regret, sex, and deception. The riveting novel is for the reader looking to travel vicariously and discover underground societies through the eyes of a reluctant hero and a lover in denial drawn to chase adventure.


Some Reviews:

“You created such a real character!”

“The writing is fluid, there is more story than you’re led to believe and Joaquin’s introspection is much more detailed, more adult and beautiful. His way of seeing things is gentle, even though he is so young.”

“A book that gives you that cold feeling in your belly and pain in your heart. It hurts. It’s a book that makes you ache. His confusion hits you hard.”

“The action moments are so well written and detailed, you can perfectly see every detail, every feeling, sensation, feeling, color. As if you were there. It could easily be a movie.”

“Joaquin is a strong but fragile man. Vulnerable to the point of hiding his fragility with a layer of sarcasm. Yet, when you get inside his mind, you see how human he is. He can be so charming if you let yourself get carried away.”

Content Warning: contains violence and mature themes.

E-book format: epub

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1 review for Flaws | A Novel

  1. Piero fasce

    Excellent story. Lovely characters. Well designed. A 100% recommended

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