Chapter 1

Lillian thought I was going to cover the crisis. And I was, but Lillian didn’t know about Oxana, and Oxana didn’t know about Lillian.

The magazine I worked for refused to send me to Ukraine. “The crisis is going to be over in a blink of an eye,” my editor said. “What good can come out of you being there?”

Boy, she was wrong. And also, so right.

I decided to go at my own expense. The turmoil was just starting and as a junior photojournalist, I could make a name for myself. I could become a war correspondent. Why not? The problem was that I didn’t know anything about wars. Or Ukraine. Or life. Or being honest, for that matter.

So, I didn’t say anything about Oxana to Lillian, and I didn’t say anything about Lillian to Oxana. And instead, I ended up at an international flight gate, suddenly feeling afraid, numb, and confused. Am I making a mistake?

the novel

Joaquin Perierat is an inexperienced photojournalist who abandons his fiancée to meet an intriguing woman and report on a war that might not happen. Overwhelmed by his newfound life in Ukraine—and perhaps remorse—his decisions will lead him on a journey of misadventures, wandering, sex, and drugs across exotic countries.

This first installment of the Flaws Trilogy explores spirituality, coming of age, backpacking, and past lives.

Join Joaquin in his adventures in pursuit of lasting love through a confusing journey across the globe.

What are readers saying

Feedback from Advanced Readers​

“The action moments are so well written and detailed, you can perfectly see every detail, every feeling, sensation, feeling, color.”

“It could easily be a movie!”

“A journey of self-discovery in the most unlikely of places.”

“The writing is fluid, there is more story than you’re led to believe.”

“A book that gives you that cold feeling in your belly and pain in your heart. It hurts. It’s a book that makes you ache. His confusion hits you hard.”

“Is he selfish and reckless, or capable of unconditional love? Or both?”
“Cruel yet sensitive. See inside Donetsk from Joaquin’s perspective.”

About me

I’m a writer interested in philosophy, culture, spirituality and connection. I’ve traveled and lived in so many different places searching for clarity I almost got lost on the way. These novels are inspired by years of travels. Thanks for checking out my work.

P.S. My last book is rated 4.5 out of 5. I promise you won’t regret reading this one.

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