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When I returned from teaching English in Cambodia, I knew nothing about publishing books.

I wanted to be a writer but also create a one-for-one social brand like Tom Shoes or Warby Parker to help my students keep traveling, learning, and sharing.

While living in the world’s most prominent street art district (Wynwood, Miami), I was driving myself crazy thinking about this—I didn’t know what to do!

So, my girlfriend gave me a coloring book to help me relax.

The joke is on her! That’s when it hit me.

I spent a year tracking the best street artists in the world—Kenny Scharf, Lady Pink, D*Face, and even Bansky—and I invited them to collaborate with me and let me turn their famous murals into gorgeous coloring pages.

P.S. Kidding! She was incredibly supportive. Read the full story by The New Tropic here.

Street art coloring books

Eclectic adult coloring books featuring authentic replicas by the best street art from around the world, including Kenny Scharf, D*Face, Starfighter, Meres, Vhils, Sego, Kashink, Vexta, Daze, and over 100 more

Street Art Coloring Book

Museum-worthy coffee table gem comes with 140 coloring pages replicas of the best street art murals in the world

The Wynwood coloring book

Super fine book featuring murals made famous during Art Basel in Miami & painted on the walls of the largest art district

The Brooklyn coloring book

Spiral-bound coloring book that pays tribute to the best street art found in one of the most iconic art districts in the world

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World coloring books

Coloring books inspired by the world, travel, cultures, and spirituality that surrounds us

Take a journey through Earth, coloring gorgeous patterns inspired by the most popular flowers from every corner of the world.

Exploring Sanatana

Explore the world’s oldest religion through a coloring book made for the explorer and the adventurer in you.

Learn the beautiful language of the Incas through a lovely fable you can color.

Free printables & a coloring tutorial to get you started

I’ll email you five pages to print at home and one coloring lesson a week to take you from beginner to advanced in 12 short weeks.

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what makes my adult coloring books special?

World-Class Artwork

Every coloring page is an intricate piece of art inspired by the artwork of world-class muralists & illustrators

Premium Quality

My premium line of coloring books is made with quality woodfree thick pages that do not easily bleed †

Detachable Pages

Like any masterpiece you can frame and hang on a wall, the pages are perforated and easily detachable †

Social Impact

I sponsor art classes around the world with the proceeds. Every coloring book sold contributes to the education of future artists.

how it started

I started handing out flyers in the streets of Miami, telling people about my idea—which turned into two successful Kickstarter campaigns that birthed this project.

I built an online shop to avoid the unfavorable costs of marketplaces like Amazon, but I learned to compromise at the end of the day. (Ahem—they won 😒).

I spent hundreds of hours reaching out to the best street artists in the world and getting their authorization to illustrate their murals and turn them into gorgeous coloring pages. I spent far more time illustrating their works after that!

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During the following years, I placed the books in boutique stores & museums and worked out bloodsucking distribution deals that showed me how the book industry is just one giant monopoly. I built an online shop to avoid the unfavorable costs of marketplaces such as Amazon, but at the end of the day, I learned to compromise. (Ahem—they won 😒).

Making The Ultimate Street Art Coloring Book

how is it going

Thanks to this creative project, my life has been a combination of adventure, art, and connection, but what I set out to do has been financially impossible.

I’ve met hundreds of incredible humans and talented artists I can now call friends. In my book, that’s worth the effort.

By 2023, I’d only sold about 25,000 copies (which makes a best-seller anyway—yay! 😅) all by following a passion project—and admittedly, distracted with others. And while every penny has gone back into building this brand and fulfilling its mission, I realized it has not been sustainable.

I’m a restless creator, however. Passion projects like this one take time, effort, trials, and errors and can’t be done all alone—I’ve finally come to learn that.

So, when there is a will, there is a way. This is what I have in store for 2024:

Now, as I work on other multidisciplinary projects and write novels—I finally became a writer—I’ve recruited superb illustrators to help me create new coloring books inspired by the world, travel, cultures, and the spirituality that surrounds me—topics that fascinate me. I take care of the art direction, and I’m much happier with that. In the future, I intend to pass this brand along to my nephews and nieces as a way to teach them to be connected to art and the world.
Our new books run on a combination of the KDP platform and the premium books I still manufacture with the help of my trusted partners.
Our social impact efforts have evolved too: 
Now we sponsor traveling artists who immerse themselves in communities worldwide, teaching, sharing, learning, and teaching us back.
Connecting art, mindfulness, and giving back will always be at the core.
This project was supposed to be about artists supporting underprivileged artists. Guess what? With your help, we still can.

coloring relaxes you and helps you release stress

It’s a form of dynamic meditation that adds color to your life. Sign up to be the first to know when we publish new books​ and receive a complete coloring tutorial for free.

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discover your inner artist with aimfully coloring books

What are others saying?

“If you can’t be a master graffiti artist this might be the next best thing.”​

Curbed Magazine​

"Absolutely amazing. Over time, the murals get painted over by other works, but with this coloring book, they remain alive."

The Miami New Times

“It takes a village, and in this case a global village to raise children. Every book that is sold helps to build micro-libraries where they are needed the most.”


“WE LOVE IT. I was just showing my wife what you have been working towards and we love it. So awesome to see this all come to life and evolve over the past few years. And so happy to see how you are applying it towards social good."

Pawn Price

“JUST WOW! I've tried hundreds of coloring books and this one has so much quality: the art, the details, the cover, the paper! Just Wow!"

Oliver Reese

"BEAUTIFULLY DONE! I just got my copies today and I'm sooooo amazed at the quality of the books! They're beautifully done. I'm almost hesitant to color in them. Beautiful book for such an important cause!”


"WWOWWW Unbelievable gorgeous!!!”


"Top of the line illustrations and premium book quality! Coffee table approved!"

Dirk D.

Ahhh!! I love this coloring book it's so unique and every page you get something different. Very nice quality. Great for passing the time

Alesia G

This is a well made book. I like the assortment of artists and the hardcover. It looks like a coffee table book

Mapeland Mom

"The art is unique, unlike most adult coloring books and the concept of wynwood street artist collection is fascinating. I also love how they’ve included short bios about the artists in the back of the book."

Michelle F.

"I love this book so much I bought it for myself and one of my friends but now I feel like buying it for everyone I know, it's fantastic."

German R.

"This is the second adult coloring book I’ve purchased from Aimful Books and I couldn’t be happier. What a great idea to put street art in an adult coloring book, it never gets old!"

Anne K.

"I have not used this book yet. It’s so beautiful I don’t want to color on it. The hardcover is embossed and the pages are thick. I keep it on my coffee table and friends can browse through it. It’s like an art book about street art. You can really get to know the street art world with this book. It has information on every single artist. Love it."

Robert H.

"This book! goodness!...where do I begin?...its just an all around MUST HAVE!...not your average coloring book but an incredible work of art worth every penny. With such great quality...from the pages to the illustrations… to the work they do. I am proud to contribute to their mission."

Anna Lewis-Clark

"I received the second edition of the Wynwood Coloring Book for Christmas and I love it. It is small enough to take with me anywhere and color on my lap. The paper is sturdy so I'm not afraid I'm going to tear the page accidentally. And the pages are perforated, which is a cool detail I haven't seen before"

Augus T.

"I'm a therapist who wanted a tool to manage my personal stress. Yay! Self Care! I love this. It helps me relax and the artwork on the pages is simply terrific. I almost hate to use it and destroy it with my coloring because it's so very beautiful. I'm very excited and this is going to be a great gift for a co-worker as I'm planning on buying a second copy now that i know it's useful, beautiful, and hilarious."

Elizabeth Tippy

Purchased the Ultimate Street Art Book directly from Aimful Books website. Amazing coloring book!! The variety is mind bending, the difficulty levels cover from easy to hard and everything is'between. The quality is premium across the board from cover to the back. Thank goodness I have the Wynwood books (next week I'll have the Brooklyn book completing my collection of Aimful Books so far) to perfect my techniques using a variety of mediums before starting the Ultimate book. Dirk W.P.S thanks for providing such a great products and having a mission everyone can get behind!!

Dirk Walker

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Want to carry my books? I have a streamlined system in place, favorable terms, and fast fulfillment. Looking for custom coloring books? I have a roadmap for that too.

Are you an artist looking to collaborate? Want to help to make great coloring books? Or are you looking to volunteer, teach and travel? Are you a grassroots school anywhere in the world in need? Let's see how we can work together. Just want to say hi? Drop me a line.

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† The books we print directly are made of premium 180 gsm woodfree paper and designed with perforated pages that you can detach and frame. The books printed on demand by KDP are made of 90 gsm white paper and printed on one side only for your benefit. Both are great options, but ensure you look at the product descriptions before purchasing. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact us and we'll make it right.

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