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Diego Orlandini is a writer, filmmaker, and social entrepreneur with a background in Economics & Philosophy. He has traveled extensively around the world searching for clarity.

Diego is the founder and creative director of AimfulMedia, a socially conscious creative agency responsible for development of awesome projects with social good in mind.


I’m here to do. I’m sorry. I first thought I was here to learn so I spent decades learning. I learned and my learning showed me the world. When I saw the world, and how rich it is, I thought I was here to experience. So I spent a long time experiencing. I experienced the beauty and the ugly, the fair and the unjust, the deep and the shallow, the free and the afraid, great love and great despair. I’ve lived many lives. I’ve loved many wives. I’ve committed enough crimes. Now I’ve come to the only natural conclusion. As the architect, the worker, and the child that I am, with these two hands, as I learn and experience, I realize, I am also here to do. I am nothing and nothing I need. I already am. So in the meantime, I do. And if I do, I aim to do good. I welcome it gladly. I stand firmly. I embrace it with open arms. I am me, and I do.



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